Below are blog posts with accompanying photos, two from seasonal strolls in Park City and one from a writing and photography workshop in Montana.

Photographer’s Perspective

On the same day in October, nearly thirty thousand like-minded people gathered in small groups across the globe.  Congregating at coffee shops, bus stops, bagel stands, parks, courthouses, plazas, and train stations, many of us were meeting for the first time.  The common thread between us – a love of photography.  We amassed as part […]

Tutored by the Land

Last month I made my first trip to the state of Montana – ‘Big Sky Country’ – where the rolling plains stretch out endlessly between the mountain ranges, and the heavens laden with fluffy white clouds press down on the swaying grasses, grazing cattle, and rustic barns below.  Four of us boarded a trusty Subaru […]

Autumn Ambles

The path is untracked, not been set foot on by another soul (sole)!  The glistening crystals beckon me forth – come and explore.  It is so peaceful.  My ears barely register the gentle hush of quacking leaves and distant low hum of traffic.  I step forward, my boots squeaking in the new snow, as I […]