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Visualization is a powerful thing.  Conjuring up images in your mind’s eye.  Seeing certain outcomes and eventualities.  A combination of hope, desire, drive, and ambition towards a goal.  But is this powerful tool underused by many of us?

Successful business people, orators, sportsmen and women, often reveal that they use visualization in achieving their goals.  Seeing themselves on the podium, hearing the applause, imagining the outcome that they want so clearly that they will it into existence.  There are many other components to achieving goals, usually hard work and practice being key, but can the process of visualizing what you want make a difference?

Many books lead us to believe just that.  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, is one such book.  It shares the importance of the messages you send out to the universe.  What you ruminate on becomes what you pull into your life, like a magnet.  Dwell on negative thoughts and this is what radiates from you, and also what you will attract.  But reflect on positive ideas and those good vibes emanate out.  The law of attraction – like attracts like.

Thinking on the positive, puts us in a good mood – I have many talents and attributes, people like to be around me, I can do it.  Taking it a step further, in not just thinking, but seeing.  Seeing the great relationship, the job, the baby, the healthy body, the gold medal, whatever it may be.  And more than that, seeing the steps it takes to get there, all the elements that make up your goal.

Today I heard about the concept of Mind Movies.  I knew of vision boards, and pasting photos, images, and affirmations connected with your goal to create a visual image of what you want to achieve.  A Mind Movies allows you to create a sequence of visual cues, along with music, to create an experience for you to meditate on.  You could make one via something as simple as PowerPoint, or use an online video tool, even ones specific for this purpose.  I decided to give it a go and make a Mind Movie today.

Whether you are a strong believer in visualization or are skeptical of the idea, it can’t seem to hurt thinking positive thoughts, and seeing the successes you want in your life.   Like the athletes I saw last weekend, soaring up into the air on the Superpipe (and Shaun White is a firm believer in visualization, from his belief and affirmations in his success “I know I can do this” to seeing his tricks before he does them), I also have my goal in sight.  Wishing you every success in yours…

An athlete in the Superpipe visualizing his moves before he makes them.

An athlete in the Superpipe visualizing his moves before he makes them.